Friday, 17 April 2015

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks - Review of our last production actor's view.

Written by Helen Clinton-Pacey, who took the role of Lily in the show.

Usually when I've finished a play, I think, 'Enjoyed that, what's next'?

'Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks' has left a void, and I would love to have done it longer, got more 'into' Lily Harrison, and built an even stronger 'rapport' with Michael Minnetti.

I'd like to thank Isabel for giving me the opportunity to play such a lovely role. It's the 'first time' I've ever worn something 'glamorous'. Ifanyone can remember some of my 'previous outfits', bunny rabbit hops to mind, courtesy of Peggy, Liz and co.

This play  was a 'challenge' in more ways than one, not only was it a 2-hander, BUT I had to learn to DANCE!

Well I'll tell you a story: I sound like Max Bygraves!

A few years ago I fractured my skull - no sarcastic comments please, Alain, Ian, Paul, Mog, etc! This resulted in me having no balance or co-ordination, so when instructed by Alain, 'starting on your left', inevitably I'd use my right, and then 'tick-tock with my arms. This must have driven Alain 'crackers'. Thankyou sssoooo much for your patience.

And also a 'BIG' thankyou to John Abraham, a professionally trained dancer, who 'coped' admirably with my trips and falls (either that or he's an excellent actor). It was great working with you John.

Thanks also to set builders for my lovely apartment, sound, lighting, etc. I really loved S D L I S W, and hope that with John and I turning 'my dance hiccups' slightly quirky, to cater for Lily's age, we entertained. Not as 'comedic' as our final dress:what say you Mrs Reading?

Added to the above, I have arthritis in my left hip, and obviously it was not happy dancing, so I tried heat pads, wonderful, till I lifted my leg in the waltz an it fell off, fortunately only at rehearsal, so I dispensed with them, and suffered for my 'art', adrenalin is great!!

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