Friday, 29 July 2016

Worst Case Scenario - Concoction Theatre Company at the Apollo!

Concoction Theatre Company landed on our Apollo stage with a theatrical feast for the senses. With their production of “Worst Case Scenario” they delivered a fast-paced energetic and technically brilliant performance.

Most of the cast met whilst studying BA World Performance at East 15 where they conceived, devised and developed this comic piece. As two of the actors were educated on the Isle of Wight, it was a delight to have the opportunity to see them return as professionals and share the fruits of their training with an Island audience.

The story is bizarre and extraordinary, a court case conducted by animals after the last surviving dodo is injured in a road collision with a motorbike. The motorbike and the driver are both accused, with a squirrel, a cat and a hedgehog (among others) also having to take some responsibility for the incident. Humans, machines and animals are all of equal status in the courtroom, but this is like no other courtroom drama you will have seen before.

With excellent make-up and costumes, physical theatre techniques and characterisation, the characters are all believable, quirky and endearing. There are beautiful contrasts in pace with sudden changes from real time into slow-motion, innovative use of props in the collision scene, music used to create different moods with precise movements to enhance the comedy.

Uplifting, joyful, funny, charming and totally absorbing. 55 minutes of high class entertainment.

The company will be performing Worst Case Scenario at The Cockpit theatre in Camden from 3rd to 6th August.

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Review by Helen Reading.

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