Monday, 10 August 2015

Ladies In Retirement

Ladies in Retirement, our next production, is a play performed on Broadway in 1940 and made into a film a year later. The film was described as ‘an exercise in slowly accumulating terror with all the psychological trappings of a Victorian thriller’.

Set in Victorian times, the play concerns Ellen Creed, a proud spinster fallen on hard times, housekeeper/companion to wealthy, retired chorus girl Miss Leonora Fiske. When Ellen’s two rather eccentric sisters are given permission to visit, they soon outstay their welcome and Miss Fiske wants them to leave.

It is however Miss Fiske who leaves: Ellen says that she has gone travelling, but has she?

And who is Albert, a young man claiming to be the sisters’ nephew? What does he want?

Why does Miss Fiske’s signature on her bank cheques suddenly look different?

Is there a secret Ellen is hiding, and can she keep it from her family?

The play runs from 28-29 August & 1-5 September 2015

Tickets available soon!

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