Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Kitchen Sink

This is a very good place to come from. Cos it’s knackered and funny and it’s falling in the sea… But it’s not a good place to end up

The Kitchen Sink is set in a run down seaside town, following a family through a year. Martin’s milk float has seen better days – particularly the bits strewn over the kitchen floor. His wife Kath is concerned about him, about the state of her kitchen sink – and with their children: Billy aspires to enter art college, but his Dolly Parton portrait could let him down, while Sophie dreams of training as a ju-jitsu teacher - if she can keep her temper under control, and deal with the attentions of a young plumber who is himself caring for his ailing granny.

There is poignancy and pain, but through it all runs a deep vein of black comedy: the play is by turns hilarious and very touching; witty and warm.

The Telegraph’s review of it west end debut judged it: “one of the best new plays I have seen anywhere this year, and I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Neither can we!

The Kitchen Sink is on 16-17 and 20-14 October: tickets and further details are available on our website.

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