Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Witches: a Perfect Pre-Christmas Show!

Come and see our next production, from Saturday 4th December, with a matinee on Sunday 5th; then Tuesday to Saturday 8th-12th December. A perfect pre-Christmas show.

Here's what one of the cast members has to say about it:

The Witches is about this boy and his grand mamma. Most of the action takes place when they travel to a Hotel called The Hotel Magnificent and encounter some women who aren't who they seem. It's a great story and good for all ages as it's funny and not rude.

Featuring Dave Talbot as The Doorman.

Here's a rehearsal shot of Dave with Amy, the director.

Here's Carole Crow as Grandmother and Jamie Mallon as The Boy:

Tickets on sale here:

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