Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dangerous Corner

“I think telling the truth is about as healthy as skidding round a corner at sixty.”

“And life’s got a lot of dangerous corners, hasn’t it?”

Is it always a good thing to tell the truth?

Robert Caplin thinks he knows his world: he has good memories of the much-loved brother he sadly lost the year before, but he has a wife who is surely a little too good for him, and is a partner in a thriving publishing business; he is lucky enough to count both partners, and their employee Olwen as close friends. His younger business partner is happily married to a beautiful young woman and the older partner is just about as steady and reliable a friend as a man could want.

So when he invites them all to dinner, along with a novelist they represent, what could possibly go wrong?

To tell the truth, everything. 

Dangerous Corner is the next Apollo production: details here -

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