Monday, 8 February 2016

To Lie or Not To Lie....

The stage is set: the home of Robert and Freda Caplin, an upper middle class 1930's drawing room. A prosperous couple, the centre of an intimate group of friends linked by family and business ties, they are holding one of their delightful dinner parties. The gentlemen are laughing over their brandy and jokes while the ladies have withdrawn to drink coffee and listen to a radio play 'about lies and a gentleman shooting himself''.

Total fiction of course. Or is it? As the evening's conversation begins to open up questions and suspicions, it does indeed reveal secrets and lies which, as their friend Olwen believes, may have been better off remaining hidden. Why did Robert's brother Martin commit suicide the previous year? Was his death connected to money going missing from their successful publishing company? Robert is determined to find out, but in pursuit of the truth he finds his whole world is not as it seems.

JB Priestley, best known for 'An Inspectior Calls', has written another tightly plotted mystery play which leaves us pondering the nature of truth in our society. Is it always best to tell the whole truth, or is it 'about as safe as skidding round a corner at sixty?'

If you think you know the answer, come at watch Dangerous Corner - it might just give you pause for thought. The play will be staged at The Apollo Theatre on February 12th, 13th and 16th - 20th; tickets available from the Apollo website.

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