Sunday, 15 May 2016

Little Gem – Dress Rehearsal!

The first Dress Rehearsal! Always mixed feelings amongst a cast on this day in any production...

The first time you get to wear the actual costume for your character and some actors find they can only now really get into that character properly.

After weeks of walking around a rehearsal room you are actually on stage, with real props, a proper armchair to sit in and a real set behind you.

Instead of pretending to hear a telephone ring or a doorbell, there are actual, real sound effects. In Little Gem, that includes actual, real music......

And yes – it really is that far to walk from the door to that table!!

If you’re backstage, have you got all the cues in the right place? Are all the props present and correct? Do the costumes look right – and have the actors remembered to take off any jewellery etc that doesn’t fit with their character?

Then reality hits everyone: if it’s the first dress, that means it’s less than a week to the actual first night!!

So today is bound to be a roller coaster of emotions for our Little Gem actors, backstage crew, technical crew – and of course the director, whose work is nearly done.

Just a few more tweaks here and there – and we’ll be ready for our first night audience!

So come and see the results of our hard work on May 20th or one of the subsequent nights.

Little Gem is playing at The Apollo Theatre on May 20, 21, 24,25,26,27 and 28, 7.30pm.

Tickets available here: , by phoning the Box Office on (01983) 527267 or visiting the theatre during Box Office opening hours

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